E-Stitches Bristol

Rhyannan is Co-founder of E-Stitches Bristol. We are a collective of working professionals who come together to make and create Wearable Technology projects. Please join our group on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to keep to do date with our latest projects and events.


Ada Ada Ada

Ada Ada Ada tells the story of Ada Lovelace,  who wrote the first algortihm when she saw Charles Babage’s difference engine. This project was commissioned by Philpott Design and created in collaboration with technologist Charles Yarnold.

This was a research project in which we explored the limits of using conductive thread to create a ‘soft circit’.

The garment and the stitches form the hardware for a programmable LED dress to tell the story of Ada Lovelace. 330 LED lights were all stitched by hand into the garment.

The gown was made from silk chiffon in a soft lavender, chosen to work in harmony and diffuse the LED lights as they changed colour.